Fixed price realty in New Zealand has been an option for sellers at Emphasis Real Estate Ltd since 2015. Emphasis Real Estate Ltd. was the first company to employ fixed fee realty to ensure a fair system for our clients.

As a company, we pride ourselves in our mission to continue to challenge outdated and ineffective models in the sector, in more ways than just flat fee realty.

We believe that flat rate realty is a fairer system of remuneration for the sale of your property – especially in today’s market.

An interview with Mike Van Wagoner – How to get more $$$ in your pocket when you sell your house?

Don’t you ‘get what you pay for’ with flat fee discount realty?

Yes, you do get what you pay for.

What you get is an unconditional sale at your price and conditions no matter what real estate agency sells your home.

What you pay for when dealing with a percentage-based commission is excessive and totally unfair for the amount of work being done.

So many realtors insist that commission is the only way to go, but we disagree. We believe that excessive commission charges based on a percentage of the final sales price do nothing but increase your costs and increase the pay check for the realtor who is doing the same amount of work!

How much difference can fixed price realty really make?

Thousands and thousands of dollars! The average home in Auckland was on sale for $1,00,000 in May 2022. The commission with other realtors on that sales price range from around $ 52,000.00

Our fixed price realty model means a fee of $19,000 + GST.

Would you rather pay $ 52,000 or $19,000? For the same job done with the same result?

By listing as flat charge realty with us you save potentially thousands of dollars. When commission is the motivating factor your property could potentially sit on the market, overpriced, for months! With flat fee realty everyone involved knows exactly what they are signing up for – your buyers get their housekey, flat fee realty keeps your payment in your pocket instead of the agents.

Seriously, fixed price realty is the fairer way to go.

It might seem strange that we specifically run our business in a way that pays us less – but we genuinely believe that a fair system is more important than increasing our cheque. The only difference between fixed fee realty and commission-based realty is how much money stays with the realtor – the same amount of work and the same results but a better way to do business.

Thinking of selling your property?

If experience and results are important to you, then put your trust in someone who has: – extensive industry experience – a proven track record – achieved outstanding results – determined to save you money with our fixed fee commission offer.


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