Flat rate real estate companies are not all created equal, just like all commission-based real estate agencies!  The old fashioned and outdated commission system is being replaced by flat fee real estate, for the simple reason that it is fairer!  We are extremely proud to be recognised in New Zealand as the only company offering our sellers the lowest and fairest fee for the sale of their property.

When it comes to flat fee real estate, NZ is on the ball.  We at Emphasis Real Estate adopted the flat fee commission real estate model over 5 years ago because we felt that it is a more honest system of real estate.

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What’s the difference between a commission and a flat rate real estate listing?

The amount you pay your agent.

That’s it.

A flat fee real estate buyer’s agent, selling agent, or broker will go through the same steps as a commission-based one when it comes to staging, marketing, showing and eventually selling your property.  The end result – successfully sold property – is exactly the same but with flat rate real estate brokers you know how much you need to pay upfront.

Yes, seriously! Flat fee real estate services include all the things commission-based agents are expected and required to do, except you save potentially tens of thousands of dollars depending on your sale price.

Finding the Best Flat Fee Real Estate Broker for You

“How can I find the best flat fee real estate brokers near me?” is a common sentiment amongst people looking for their first flat fee full-service real estate broker. It all comes down to what you need and how well the agency fits those needs.

Ask questions! Your flat fee real estate agent will never begrudge you asking questions – figuring out who to trust your property with is a big decision.

Do I Need Flat Fee Real Estate Agents Near Me to Manage My Flat Fee Real Estate Listing?

No! It can make the logistics of meetings and getting paperwork signed simpler, because an in-person meeting is instant! However, so much interpersonal and business communication happens online and over the phone these days you only need to find a flat rate real estate agent that covers the physical area your property is in – we can work with people in person or virtually to sell properties throughout New Zealand.

There is a global trend towards flat rate real estate. New Zealand is a fantastic place to live and real estate here is some of the best in the world – we should be at the top of the real estate game and that means flat fee real estate NZ!

What is a Flat Fee Real Estate Commission?

Flat fee brokerage real estate will sell for the same sell price as it would with a traditional commission-based agency, but the commission – or the amount paid to the agent – is vastly different.

Let’s say your Auckland property is listed for the average house price (May 2022) – $1,000,000. The commission with a commission-based realtor could be approximately $ 52,727.50

Our flat fee for this sale band is $19,000 + GST.

That’s a massive saving and thousands of reasons to choose flat rate commission real estate!

But I’ve Never Heard of Flat Fee Real Estate Brokers Before?

That is because the commission-based system has been in place for a long time! The history of real estate is long and fairly complex so we won’t bore you, but pretty much ever since homes have been owned there have been people acting as a go-between!

The commission system is so ingrained that the concept of flat-rate fee real estate can seem strange! It is unsurprising that the industry has kept it this way for so long – big commissions are often a recruiting tool to attract new agents.

Flat fee estate agents do the same work expected of commission-based agents – but commission agents get paid more. Commission based agencies pass the cost of that paycheck difference on to the seller – which we don’t think is fair.

Emphasis Real Estate Ltd. has been successfully operating for over 5 years on a “word of mouth” basis. With the current pandemic changing how people interact and the effect it will continue to have on the economy, we have elected to become more active in the public eye, making information on flat fee real estate available to sellers in a bid to assist home sellers in these troubling times.

So Come On, Choose Flat Fee Real Estate NZ!

When it comes to real estate flat fee is the way to go. Flat rate real estate is an overall fairer remuneration system than the outdated commissions AND it gives sellers a firm number for their expense sheet – no surprise zeros on the end!

Thinking of selling your property?

If experience and results are important to you, then put your trust in someone who has: – extensive industry experience – a proven track record – achieved outstanding results – determined to save you money with our fixed fee commission offer.


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