Real estate commissions have been over the last 5 years, become the number one objection by sellers when they are selling their home, by virtue of these commissions being totally unfair and excessive, for the amount of work that the agent is performing to earn this excessive amount

There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for the amount of these charges.

Using a percentage on the sale price of a home, is totally outdated on the real estate market today due to the huge advancements in technology.

Thirty years ago, an agent would physically drive prospective buyers to their list of properties being considered.

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If they were asked to draw up a sale and purchase agreement, they would have to draw this up by hand, 2 copies and conduct negotiations with price as well as any conditions, by physically travelling between the seller and the buyer until such time as a price and conditions are agreed upon.

The agreement at this point of time, was virtually un-readable due to the physical alterations made on the agreement and many a solicitor would request a new copy to be drawn up. Then back and forth again until a clean, legible copy was produced.

Thirty years ago, this was the norm and the percentage commission on the sale value of the property was actually deemed to be a fair method of charging for services.

On todays market (May 2022), house prices have virtually doubled and alongside of this, percentage-based commissions have also dramatically risen to the point where, for example of a $1,000,000 house sale, the normal average commission would be $52,727.50

The work load, through technology such as the internet and programmes available to agents, such as Iforms, Eforms and digisign, now allows agents to conduct negotiations and amend sale and purchase agreements from home, office, the beach, anywhere!

Why are sellers still putting up with the normal excessive real estate commissions rate?

The answer is simply that there is a mis-understanding from sellers, that this is the only method and choice which they have.

Sellers are their own worst enemies when it comes to accepting this outdated method of high commission charges.

They have been literally brain washed by the corporations, that this is acceptable practice.

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