In February 1999, I was asked to come onto the television programme The Project.

They had become fascinated by a story published by Stuff concerning the fact that I made $900 per hour on a recent sale of mine.

As the following screening demonstrates, the facts emerged that the sale in question was for $2.85 million dollars and my fixed fee was at its maximum of $1 million and over being $9,000 plus gst.

It eventuated that during my time in motion study of this property, I had in fact, spent just over 10 actual physical hours promoting and selling the property.

$9,000 for 10 hours work becomes $900 per hour.

An interview with Mike Van Wagoner – How to get more $$$ in your pocket when you sell your house?

The fact of the matter is, that if any other real estate company had sold it, firstly, they would have honestly, done the same hours of work that I had done, and secondly, and more importantly, they would have charged the owner around $62,00. minimum, for the same result, that being an unconditional sale at their price and terms

To break this $62,000 commission charge down in the number of hours worked, the other companies would have been working for $6,200 per hour

In summary, you do GET what you PAY for. You GET an unconditional sale at your price and terms, no matter what company sells, what you PAY for is the difference between my Company Emphasis Real Estate Ltd and all other outdated and totally unnecessary fees
Just as this section of live video from The Project demonstrates

It was summarised by the Panel as “ as the selling public, we really are our own worst enemies”


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